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Play The Game


John Benton thinks he has nothing left to lose. He’s lost his job, he’s lost his home, he’s barely making enough to survive in a sweltering one-room pit in downtown Los Angeles—and then he finds out his wife is pregnant.

When he hears about a game where the players are making thousands of dollars, he thinks this could be their ticket out, to a better life. But he didn’t count on the guns. Or the danger. Or that he’d be going up against players who will do anything, double- or triple-cross anyone, to win a Game with no rules. He definitely didn’t count on the adrenaline rush.

And now, the Game is out to destroy him. Benton has to play for his life and the lives of his wife and unborn child, in a game where the deck is stacked against him and the house always wins. Play the Game is an exciting, fast-paced thriller by Robin Morris, where nothing is as it seems, and trust is an illusion. 

Dark Duet

Dark Duet Staci Layne Wilson

Ashara Konrad, rock music photojournalist and vampire, has a secret. One she hasn’t spoken of, in over a century. But now, that secret has come back from the grave, hell-bent on destroying the most promising musicians of the age, in service to an old voodoo curse.

If Ashara hadn’t seen her vampire twin, Zariaz, dismembered and scattered after going on a killing binge targeting musicians a century earlier, she would think Zariaz was behind the killings, looking to fulfill her 1000 Musician curse.

But it takes more than dismemberment to keep a bad vampire down. And this time, Zariaz is looking for revenge against the twin who betrayed her and the musician she's in love with. Will Ashara be able to keep him safe from her deadliest secret? Or will he become the latest musician to feed Zariaz's curse? 

Dark Duet is a haunting and lyrical vampire romance, set in the music world, during the Age of Aquarius. The author, Staci Layne Wilson, is the daughter of a rock star and pin-up model, and her own travels and upbringing in the music world help weave a rich tapestry for this series.

The Corpse Whisperer


Welcome to the world of Allie Nighthawk, corpse whisperer and badass zombie hunter.

“If  you raise deadheads, you’d better be able to put ‘em down. Nobody said it was pretty. But in this day, when vampires aren’t just for breakfast anymore, and the dead are disposable pawns for necromancers, someone has to ante up. Looks like I won the lotto. Imagine my delight. You should  thank me, really, because the world is batshit crazy.”

When  the zombie population spikes and no one knows why, it’s up to Allie to  solve the mystery. But there’s a hitch. She’s stuck babysitting Leo  Abruzzi, a zombie-bitten gangster who’s turning state’s evidence. But  the mob and a powerful necromancer will stop at nothing to take Leo and  Allie down.

Allie  Nighthawk is Anita Blake on steroids, with a fondness for leather and  Jack on the rocks. She has a healthy dose of Stephanie Plum and Rachel  Morgan in her, too, though she’d never admit it. The battle between good and evil just got wicked fun.

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Paranormal Mysteries

Memoirs of a Time Traveler


"You couldn't ask for a finer guide to the future -- or the past -- than  Doug Molitor." -- Larry Gelbart (M*A*S*H, Tootsie)

When archaeologist David Preston comes into possession  of a baseball signed by the legendary Ty Cobb in 1908, it tests out to be an impossible paradox. It was signed with a ballpoint  pen (not invented until 1938), using ink that's several centuries older.  

But then, Ariyl and Ludlo, the duo who gave him the baseball, aren't who they claim to be either. 

Ariyl is a tourist from the 22nd  century, where time travel is the latest craze. Unbeknownst to  her though, her traveling companion, Ludlo, is a psychopath whose thefts are starting to alter history. 

To stop him, David and Ariyl  must solve a mystery involving Bronze Age swordsmen, modern-day Nazis, a  steampunk world, and a Golden Age Hollywood where the murder of a beloved movie  star will spell doom for civilization.

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Confessions of a Time Traveler


History's not what it used to be.

Ariyl Moro, the gene-powered Amazon from 2109 A.D., drags David Preston, archaeologist, back to  ancient times to help her fix some broken historical events.

But  after an epic night together, Ariyl vanishes, leaving David her Time  Crystal . . . and a clue that might lead him back to her . . . in the  camp of a Mongol warrior princess . . . or a harem in medieval Baghdad .  . . or a monstrously mutated 1950s America.

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Revelations of a Time Traveler


Humanity is running out of time. Ariyl Moro, superstrong amazon from the  22nd century, has changed history again . . . and again . . . as Earth’s  climate ricochets from hothouse planet to ice age. 

Ariyl and her main squeeze, historian David Preston, have to travel through time and fight to restore her lost utopia . . . while battling Civil War assassins  and Roman gladiators . . . and solving a deadly mystery in 1933 Hollywood. 

Sci-fi meets rom-com with sword-swinging adventure!

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Full Moon Fever: Monster, He Wrote

Full Moon Fever: Monster, He Wrote cover

Drake Callahan is a struggling horror novelist who’s about to get  married. He also moonlights for the LAPD as their consultant on cult  murders.

But the Full Moon Killings turn out to be something far worse. And then Drake finds his love life taking a weird turn...

FULL MOON FEVER is a supernatural romantic comedy from the author of Memoirs of a Time Traveler.

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Fool Moon Fever: Pure Silver

Full Moon Fever: Pure Silver cover

In Slavic lore, ‘vlkodlak’ means both werewolf and vampire. Two stages  of the same creature. Kill the werewolf with anything but pure silver,  and it rises as a vampire.

Drake Callahan learned of this legend  too late to save his fiancée from undead author Peter Zaar. Now the only  way Drake can restore Nikki to life is to destroy Zaar. But can he keep  Nikki from turning killer first...or being caught by his cop friend  Lisa, or Nikki’s priest brother, Kevin?

FULL MOON FEVER is a supernatural romantic comedy from the author of Memoirs of a Time Traveler.

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Alex Luthecker can see patterns in people and society—in uncanny detail.  He can he tell you the day you will die and the choices that make it  inevitable. To Alex, life is simply a map—one that only he can read.

And now, he’s about to make his own irrevocable choice—even if it means taking the first step to his own inevitable demise.

When  Alex steps out of the shadows to prevent a bomb threat in the Los  Angeles subway system, he quickly becomes the target of Coalition  Properties, the world’s largest military contractor. They see his value  as a weapon and desperately want to exploit his talents. 

They have no idea who they’re dealing with.

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Luthecker: Rise

Luthecker: Rise

Since his stand off with Coalition Properties one year ago, Alex  Luthecker has suffered from severe, incapacitating migraines. When  western medicine will not help, Alex and Nicole travel halfway across  the globe to seek out the one man alleged to have the same predictive  abilities as Alex--a monk by the name of Kunchin who resides in a cave  beneath the famed Potala Palace Monastery in Tibet.

When Alex  finds the elusive Kunchin, the Monk turns the tables on Alex, and tells  him why he suffers: “The one you love the most will die, and this time,  there will be nothing you can do to stop it.”

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Luthecker: Revolution

Luthecker: Revolution

When Alex and Nicole visit the Tibetan monk Kunchin to seek advice  regarding his failing memory, they receive an unexpected warning: What  Nicole has created in PHOEBE, her artificial intelligence program, is  part of a new consciousness, one that could alter the fate of  humanity—or eliminate the human race altogether, and it's in the hands  of the Coalition.

And things are turned completely upside down  when Alex encounters another pattern reader, a young girl with abilities  similar to his. 

Join Alex and Nikki as  they take on the Coalition in this final showdown, where loyalties will  be tested and true power revealed, as they fight for the future of the  human race.

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