Author Testimonials


Doug Molitor

"I've  been self-published, and I've been published by a traditional house.  Third Street Press beats both, with keen understanding of the  e-publishing marketplace and expert promotion, while offering an  unbeatable deal for authors."

H.R. Boldwood

"In today's ever-changing publishing world that’s loaded with potential pitfalls and landmines, it’s important for authors to find the right publishing partner – a partner that’s reputable, responsive, and committed to the well-being of its authors. Lucky for me, Third Street Press is that and more. Third Street Press knows the market, provides outstanding editing services, and uses innovative promotional strategies to help their clients succeed. What more could an author ask for?"

Keith Domingue

"Third Street Press does right by its authors. It’s that simple. Always available, always transparent, TSP is not just a publisher, but also a partner, one committed to the success of its writers. TSP stays on top of the latest marketing strategies, and adapts to the rapid changes inherent to the publishing business. They love what they do and their passion for story is reflected in their efforts, not just on behalf of its authors, but its readers as well."